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School Closure

Wednesday 28th February 2018

In light of the weather forecast for further snow and minus temperatures, we have taken the decision to close the school on Wednesday 28th February.
A number of families and staff found the journey to school difficult on Tuesday 27th February and scary in places. Staff have fed back that they are concerned about driving conditions and therefore we are unlikely to have high ratios of staff, should we open.
The roads are now wet and our concern is that fresh snow will fall over night on to black ice.
We wish to give parents plenty of notice to make other arrangements for child care.
We appreciate the conditions may not be as bad as forecast in the morning, however feel it is better to act in advance to avoid additional traffic on the roads and putting families and staff at risk.
We do not take this decision lightly and have taken on board comments from staff and families, as well as local weather forecast.
We apologise for the inconvenience this decision will no doubt cause.
Thank you to all families for your patience during this time.