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Lunchtime KS2 Girls Football

with Colchester United                                                                                           


Lunchtime Y2-6 Choir                                                 After School Yr 4/5/6 Netball 

                                                                                    After School KS 2 Running Club

Wednesday                                                                                    After School Yr 2 & 3 Multi-Sports                 

Lunchtime KS2 Board Games/Chess Club                After School Yr3 & Yr4 Craft Club       

                                                                                   After School Yr4, 5 & 6 Football

Friday                                                                                    After School Yr5 & 6 Rugby         


We are fortunate to offer a range of sporting clubs this year.  Breakfast club runs daily, please enquire at the office if this is of interest.


If any parents have any specialisms and would like to offer their time to the school to help with any clubs in the future, please contact the school office.